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Will dehumidifier help with mold?

In some areas and in some kind of climates, you will feel unbearable humidity at home. The reasons can be due to many things like a leaky roof, or small space, or no ventilation. In case if you fix the problem on time then it is fine otherwise mold may start accumulating and it can lead to many other issues. One day your home will be like a fungi nightmare. Rather scratching your head for many things and shifting to another house, just think once about installing a dehumidifier. Will dehumidifier help with mold? Yes, it can.

What is a dehumidifier?

These dehumidifiers are portable devices that help in removing humidity from the air. They easily remove moisture present in the air and help you in reducing the dampness in your home. The home should have a humidity level of 30-60 percent and this is best for your health. So, without dehumidifier, it becomes difficult to maintain the right humidity at your space.

By installing a dehumidifier you can make yourself comfortable and you can also reduce health risks. You can make use of hygrometer for checking the humidity level at your home and based on the reading you can decide about buying a dehumidifier.

Will dehumidifier help with mold?

Of course, we all know that removing the entire mold accumulated in a house is nearly impossible. Once created, mold stays back in the air even though the air is not moist. When the particular season comes or because of climates changes, if the humidity grows then along with that mold also starts growing. You can make out this, by checking the walls and cloths. If you see patches on walls and clothes, then understand that mold is present and it has started growing because of humidity. So, will dehumidifier help with mold?

A dehumidifier helps in reducing the mold from growing but it cannot remove it completely. So, when it reduces moisture and humidity in the air, automatically mold stops growing on walls and cloths. So, if you have a mold problem in your space, then you better go for a dehumidifier. As long as there is a water source, mold can grow instantly and it causes several other issues. So, remove as much mold as possible and meantime stop the moisture source. By this, you can easily avoid health issues and prevent damage and further costly repairs.


There are many benefits you can gain by controlling the moisture level at your home. Pet dander, mold, and dust along with other allergens can easily overtake your space in case if the humidity is high. So, you can make use of the dehumidifier for reducing moisture levels. By doing this, you can easily reduce all kinds of indoor pollutants which otherwise result in allergy triggers like a stuffy nose. You may also experience issues like skin rashes, itchy eyes, and sneezing. By installing dehumidifier you can also reduce the unwanted odor created by indoor pollutants and humidity.

Apart from health benefits, dehumidifiers help in protecting all the equipment which is sensitive to humidity. Dehumidifiers help in protecting wooden items from getting spoiled from moisture. If there is too much moisture present in your home then it can easily damage hardwood and furniture.

Choosing the best dehumidifiers

It is very important to check the humidity in your home before you go for a dehumidifier. There are varieties of models and you need to choose carefully based on their capacity. You can go for a small capacity dehumidifier if you want to install it in a small space like a kitchen and bathroom. In case if you are looking for bigger and high capacity models, they can easily serve your entire house. If it is for an apartment basement then also you need to pick the high capacity model.  Because when you ask yourself the question “Will dehumidifier help with mold?”, the size matters!

Even though you are not ready to put a high capacity model for the entire house, it is better to have one in the basement and other areas like the kitchen and bathroom. When you install dehumidifiers in these high humid areas, you can easily control the humidity level at home since they are the main areas that create more humid air. If you choose a small dehumidifier then it will have the capacity to absorb 10 points in a day. If you go for a bigger model then it can absorb 90 points in one day.

So, if you think that the dehumidifier helps in killing the existing mold, then it is not true. It can never kill a mold. But dehumidifier plays a major role in reducing and preventing the mold through reducing humidity. If you want to get rid of mold completely, then you should think of ways to remove them physically. Once removed, you need not worry about growing them again when there is a dehumidifier in place.

Stop triggering allergens

If you are allergic to dust and mold, then you should think about installing a dehumidifier in your home. If you think the humidity is high in a particular area like a kitchen or bathroom then think about keeping the dehumidifier in that area. You can lead a comfortable like by reducing humidity which results in reducing allergens in your house. Rather than suffering from itchy eyes and nose, and skin rashes, it is better to install a dehumidifier for reducing humidity and allergens. Allergens can act very well in humid weather and air.

Final Thoughts

It can be climate or duet to less ventilation at home, humidity can increase any time. It is uncomfortable to live in humid weather condition and when mold and dust grows, you will experience a lot of health issues as well. Rather than suffering from breathing issues looking just because of dust and mold in space, you can think of some solution like installing a dehumidifier.

Through this, you can easily reduce dust, humidity, and growth of mold in your house. The air you breathe will be cleaner than before and that results in improving health. If you see mold growth on walls and ceilings, it is time to think about dehumidifiers.


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