Why do dehumidifiers freeze up?

Why do dehumidifiers freeze up?

Ofter people are asking themselves: “Why do dehumidifiers freeze up?””

There are many reasons behind the dehumidifier getting freeze up. When they freeze up they refuse to work and it can be really annoying. As a first step, you need to find out the reason behind freeze up. After analysis, you can find a solution for this issue of dehumidifier freezing up. When the dehumidifier is no working, it can lead to several conditions. When the humidity is high in your house, it can lead to damage to your furnishings and even cause dampness and mold. More than that, humidity can result in illness and it is not good for people with health conditions.

It is very important to make sure the dehumidifier is working fine an in a fully functional condition.  Through this, you can make sure that there is no excess moisture in your home.

Why does the dehumidifier freeze up?

There are plenty of factors that may come to play. But you should narrow it down and asses the environment.

Temperature in the room

The temperature in your area and room is one of the most common reasons why do dehumidifiers freeze up?. The majority of the dehumidifiers can work well at 65 degrees and above. But when the temperature goes down below this, a dehumidifier may start icing up. Sometimes it may stop working. The air comes in through a vent and after that, it passes through metal coils. The water present in the air condenses and it drops into the bucket. In some cases, this is pumped away using a hose.

This system works well when the temperature is in the standard range. But when it is too cold water starts freezing up on the coil rather condensing. This situation can lead to issues.

Flow of Air

In some cases, airflow can be the issue for dehumidifier freeze up. In this case, the cause can be due to the improper working of the fan. In some cases, it can also be due to the condenser unit. If the condenser unit is blocked, then the air may not pass through properly in the machine. If you are ensuring regular maintenance then you will not face these issues. Either by replacing or by cleaning you can fix this issue.


If you have noticed that the dehumidifier is icing up frequently, then stop using it. If the coil is frosted and if you are using the dehumidifier continuously then it can lead to permanent damages. In this case, the compressor or motor unit gets forced to work up and in the worst case, it may burn out. So, as soon as you notice that the dehumidifier is not working properly, you should stop using it.

Precaution Measures

There are simple steps through which you can stop your dehumidifier from freezing up and avoid all kinds of issues.

Check temperature

As a first step, you should check the temperature of the room on a regular basis. Through this, you can make sure that the unit is operating at its optimum temperature. Whenever you feel the air is warmer than usual, make the right changes and when it is cool you can place the humidifier in some other room.

Checking airflow

When the temperature check doesn’t fix the issue, you can check airflow. If the dehumidifier is placed too close to the ceiling or wall then it can create certain issues. So, make sure there is no blockage that stops airflow. Airflow is one of the most common reasons why do dehumidifiers freeze up.

Checking for Build-up and debris

Always check the dehumidifier and make sure there are no blockages or clogs. Clogs and blockages can avoid the air pushing through smoothly. This can also result in icing up  of dehumidifier. These also depend on the air quality in your region and in your house. The region you live in may result in frequent dust build-up.


Always make sure coils are cleaned up on a regular basis. If they are dirty, it may lead to dehumidifier issues and result in icing up. Before doing any maintenance work, you need to make sure that the dehumidifier is disconnected.

You need to understand basic maintenance tips before starting the maintenance and dehumidifier clean up. You can try these tips when the dehumidifier is not working fine even after coils are free from ice and temperature is raised.

  • Check filter and fan for any blockages and clogs
  • If the fan is not pushing air properly and smoothly, a dehumidifier can easily freeze-up
  • Make sure the quality of the air in your area. This can be the major reason for dehumidifier getting freeze up frequently
  • Dirty rooms are one of the most common reasons why do dehumidifiers freeze up.
  • There are some types of dehumidifiers that can easily withstand the lower temperature. Hence depending on the temperature in your area, you need to pick the right model. If you have an idea about the lower temperature in your area, better to go for models that are able to withstand that temperature.

Apart from this, there are a few tips you can follow so that the dehumidifier present in your house works fine. You need to follow the regular maintenance and cleaning work. Check with the installer and make sure you follow up on all the maintenance tasks. Also, follow the simple tips like adjusting the temperature and cleaning the unit.


There are few major things to list out and take care of when the dehumidifier is getting freeze up. Checking the temperature of your room and ensuring it has not gone below the optimum temperature of the machine is very important. Even though some dehumidifiers are built to work at all temperatures, all may not. So, you need to check the room temperature and compare it with the optimum temperature of the machine.

If you find out that the temperature is fine, then you can check the machine for clogs and blockages. With these checks, you will be able to find out the actual issue. If you cannot make out the issue, then you can consult the expert. As soon as you notice the dehumidifier is not in good condition it is better to switch off the machine. It is not a good idea to run the machine when it has some issues. Running a machine when it freezes up can lead to further damages.


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