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Do Dehumidifiers Use A Lot of Electricity?

Having a comfortable breathing environment means, clean air, less moist, and smooth to breathe. During the rainy season, air quality is not the same; it is unhealthy to inhale because of the extra moisture. In such conditions, you might start feeling issues while breathing. To eradicate such issues, using an electric dehumidifier can also come in handy because such methods will help eradicate the excess moisture and making your room a bit more comfortable to breathe. There is no doubt that a little bit of moist air is good for breathing, and you can feel comfortable during the whole experience. That’s why you can consider going with the purchase.

The smell of room starts getting musty, and if you want to eradicate such issues, you need to remove water from the air. An air-condition is a common home appliance that helps with the moisture in the air. You may have seen that ACs leave water from a pipe when they are used for hours. It means you can have a comfortable breathing space.

There are many designs available in the dehumidifiers which can easily fulfill the need, and you can rely on them. However, the common trouble with most of the people has some doubts about the Dehumidifier. The very first doubt is, dehumidifiers consume an excess of electricity. Let’s dive in and learn about working before concluding the power consumption.

How Electric Dehumidifier work?

In case you have seen dehumidifier inner parts, then you may know that there are more than six different sections in it. All of them are working to remove the moisture. These parts are as follow –

  • Fan
  • Condenser
  • Capillary tube
  • Evaporator
  • Water Tub
  • Refrigerant

All these are important parts, and they are working to remove moisture from the air so that you can have a comfortable place to breathe. You may be wondering how all this works? Well, the mechanism is as follow –

  • A small fan is drowning air inside into the Dehumidifier. When air passes through the whole system, then it firstly gets into contact with the cooling coils.
  • When moisture gets cold, it converts into the water drops which wall into the small water bucket. This process happens at a quick rate.
  • Right after that, air passes through a heat recovery system, which converts the cold air into warm air. The air is drawn vs. the thrown ours has 2° Celsius difference.
  • Air gets warmer, which is good for the overall mechanism. The whole process keeps on going until the bucket is full.
  • Or, if the selected level of dryness is in the air, the Dehumidifier will shut down automatically. That’s why you can rely on it.

These are some of the key advantages which are easy to obtain, and you can rely on the whole system without having any issue. You can easily understand the role of a quality dehumidifier now. It will come in handy to make your room a little bit warm also.

So, how much electricity is consumed during the whole process?

As told, there is one main part that can consume a significant amount of power, and it is a compressor. It is doing the whole work, and no doubt there is such a good amount of power required, but how much exactly it consume?

  • During the purchase of a dehumidifier, you can find that they have wattage mention in the description section.
  • Most of the standard models come with the 280 watts per hour consumption rate. Now, you can calculate the same for an hour.
  • Mathematically, using a humidifier for a single hour will consume 280 watts in one hour. If you do the math –
    • Using your Dehumidifier approximately for 3 hours and 30 minutes will consume one KW.
    • As you live in the US where the electricity rate is 15 Cents per Kw, then your Dehumidifier is consuming 15 cents in three hours and thirty minutes.
    • If you are using Dehumidifier for a single hour, then the consumption charges for that particular hour are 4.3 cents.
    • Most of the people run Dehumidifier for 5 hours daily and use the same for six months of years, not a whole year.
    • So, we assume that you are using the Dehumidifier for six months daily for five hours a day.
    • If we do the math, the consumption is 4.3 cents X 5 Hour X 182 days = 3913 cents. If you convert it into dollars, the consumption is 39.13 dollars.
  • We calculated the major consumption, but it might not be the right consumption rate because there is an energy-saving rating on your Dehumidifier.
  • This rating will give you 10% to 25% of saving on consumption. So, you have to know how much energy is saved by the product.

If you are not from America and want to calculate the same, so we give you the number, which can help to calculate with ease. A standard humidifier consumes 280 watts of power, so; you should divide 1000 by the power. It will help you know how many hours it will take to consume 1 unit. Then multiply the electricity charges of your country or state with the hours. Now, you have the number.

Is Electric Dehumidifier too expensive to Use?

People who want to have a healthy environment to breathe, this is the best choice for them. Using Dehumidifier will allow them to breathe with ease. Even, it can eradicate plenty of issues, that’s why you can rely on it.

Considering the consumption rate, we can say that Dehumidifier consumes a significant amount of power. Still, you have to use such appliances for a couple of hours only, and then the air is fresh, dry, and easy to breathe.

Bottom Line

Hope this guide about the power consumption of Electric Dehumidifier will help you know about all the basic things and eradicating all the issues about electricity consumption rate, charges, and various other factors. Make sure that you check out energy savings. Rating during the purchase to avoid any kind of issue.

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